Learning from Home Day 4

Good Morning Green Cluster!

WOW!!  We were blown away by the photos that you sent us with your treasures from the alphabet scavenger hunt.  Keep them coming.  

On Friday, we sent home enough work to get you through these two weeks.  Please don’t feel any pressure to finish all of it. We know we sent home a lot, but we wanted to make sure that we provided options for all Green students.  Remember, some days you may want to do Lexia or Epic for your reading time, other days you choose to do sight word books, and another day you may choose to read a book with your child and work on creating a retell of what you read.  It’s all about choice and doing what works best for you, your child, and your home routine. 

As we work to plan and create some interactive learning opportunities we wanted some input from you at home.  We want to know what time you are starting your learning from home. When we plan potential future meetings we want to make sure that we are scheduling them at a time that works for the majority of the community.  We have noticed that emails start coming in around 10. Send us an email letting us know what would be a good start time for online learning for you and your family. Online learning is new for many of us, especially our kids.  We appreciate your patience as we figure out what online learning will look like for Green should it come to that.  

Switching gears, here is a link to your (optional) activity of the day - Easy Tin Foil Boat Money Float or Sink Experiment (https://handsonaswegrow.com/tin-foil-boat-float-sink-experiment-kids/#).  It is more involved than the scavenger hunt, but it sounds like fun.  Remember, no pressure!!

We are closing out with a joke from Cillian and his brother Seamus (Yellow Cluster)

What do you get if you put ducks in a box? Send us your guesses and we’ll have Cillian tell us the answer on Friday when we all meet for Mystery Reader.

In partnership, 

Jessica and Christine


Expiration Date: 
Jun 12