More videos and audiobook info - March 19, 2020

Hi Yellow Cluster!

I’m still working out some technical kinks on making and uploading video lessons, but here is another picture book read aloud for your viewing pleasure:

This is one of my favorites (yes, I do know I have a lot of favorite books!) and has incredible art.  I tried to get the pages close to the camera so you could see them, but sometimes they are a little tilted.  I’ll get it all figured out soon!

Here are some math videos.  They are a little wobbly, my finger gets in the way sometimes, and sometimes part of the white board isn’t visible, but I think the main ideas are coming through.  Your teacher is busy learning new things so be patient with me!  One of those things is I learned is that I need to order a tripod for my iPad, which I will be doing soon.  :)

Here is the video for the packet on finding the missing side, if you’re given the area and one side.

Here is the video for the packet on finding the missing side, if you’re given the perimeter and one side.

And for those of you who have multiplication 5 skillsheets, here’s how to do the first couple of pages, the ones called Stretch.  It uses the place value model of multiplication.  It’s much easier to do these skillsheets if you have already done multiplication 3 and 4, so please don’t skip ahead if you haven’t done those.  The video will be staying up, so you won’t lose access to it if you haven’t done 3 and 4 yet.

I also just learned that audible, amazon’s audio book company, is offering many audio books free to kids right now.  Go to and you immediately can listen to tons of books.  it is totally free and you don’t need to log in or join anything.  Such a great resource!

See you at tomorrow's Zoom!

Ms. Denise

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