Learning from Home Day 5

Good morning Green Cluster!

Happy Friday.  We made it through our first week of learning from home.  We loved seeing all the photos of your different learning experiences at home.  We’re so glad that you have been finding ways to have fun while learning.  

A typical Friday in Green Cluster is all about enrichment: art, music, mystery reader, library, P.E. and tech time.  Today, we want you to focus on adding these activities into your home learning.  In Thursday's Backpack, Ms. Nicole sent home some activities about the color wheel and Coach Jolyene sent home ideas for yoga.  We encourage you to check both of those out today.

Today’s special activity is our first virtual Mystery Reader on Zoom!  We are so excited to see your faces and hear all about your week. If you didn't receive a Zoom invite from Ms. Christine, please reach out to us.  

We think that we have everyone on our Green Cluster email list.  If for any reason you are not receiving our daily emails, please let us know.  

See you all at 11, 

Jessica and Christine


Expiration Date: 
Jun 12