At-Home Learning Day 5

Hello Red Families,

It was so exciting to see you all on our Zoom call this morning! We had a chance to talk about our feelings and share some of the things we did this week. It sounds like many of us went on walks with our families, worked on ST Math, went bike riding and read The Lemonade War. Some students also shared beautiful art projects. Many of our students shared mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. We know that everyone is adjusting to a new normal right now. It is our hope that by communicating with you daily, you and your children continue to feel connected to our Red Cluster and Open School community.

On Fridays, Red Cluster has several enrichment classes, including coach, art and music.


There are many different options you can find online to get your child moving in place of their regular coach time today. Coach Jolyene shared some yoga tips and a partner yoga workout. You can find both on the main page of the Open School website by looking under News Highlights. If your child needs to get some wiggles out today, you can also click on the link below for a fun Go Noodle video called “Banana Banana Meatball”.


Here are some ideas for art today:

1. How to draw a folding shark surprise puppet (about 8 minutes long):

2. How to draw a beautiful landscape (about 10 minutes long):

3. Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems. We are posting this one again because our students love his books.


In Music, Mr. Cline was teaching the kids how to play on the glockenspiels. Here is a link to his website that can help you play a glockenspiel on an app, if you like:

We will leave you with some adorable pictures of this little guy. See if you and your child can find out what animal this is! Hint: It is a marsupial native to Western Australia.

Please take and send pictures of your artwork and any other projects/activities you do today! Have a great weekend with your loved ones and remember that we are here for you.

Joey and Stacy

Expiration Date: 
Jun 10