Week 2 of At-Home Learning

Hello Red Cluster,

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. We also hope that YOU, the parents, were able to find a moment to rest and recharge. Today we have included a snapshot of our weekly schedule. Please use this as a reference throughout the week if you find it helpful. You can find a PDF of this document in your email as well.

On Mondays Red Cluster has Reading Workshop. After a mini-lesson, students grab their "book nooks", reading bags, and find a cozy spot to read. Last week, many of you mentioned that your child loved Story Time from Space. We have included a link to another story, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home. Watch and listen to astronaut Tim Peake read straight from the International Space Station! 


After Reading Workshop each student receives a new spelling list with words to practice throughout the week. Students complete the first and second page of their spelling packet and get their work checked by an adult. All of our students should be familiar with each activity, but please let us know if you need more clarification or support with this. Here are some additional ways your child can practice spelling at home:


  • Write words in sidewalk chalk
  • Use magnet letters if you have them
  • Type your words
  • Build your words using Play-Doh 
  • Rainbow write your words
  • Write a story using all of your spelling words!
  • Build you words using toothpicks 
  • Give your parents a spelling test and check their work
  • Word Stairs:
    • s
    • sp 
    • spe
    • spel
    • spell

We hope today goes smoothly. As always, we are here if you need any help or support.

In partnership,

Joey and Stacy





Expiration Date: 
Jun 10