Learning from Home Day 6

Good morning Green Cluster!
We loved seeing all of your smiling faces Friday for our Mystery Reader.  We have missed our daily routine with you all and will be sending more information soon about our new daily routine.  We loved hearing about all the wonderful things you did during your first week of learning from home. Charlotte and Harrison did some bike riding, Cillian baked scones, Carter got a new dog named Otter, many of you hung out with family and pets, and there was lots of playing.  Most importantly, you were all smiling and healthy.

We want to keep going with our Mystery Reader, as a way of maintaining a sense of togetherness during this time of social distancing.  If you are interested in being a mystery reader, please sign up via this link:

Before learning from home began, everyone did a great job of washing their hands.  If you haven’t seen this video yet, it does a great job of showing how washing our hands keeps the germs away.  Feel free to recreate the activity as home.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvG6uBq-dV0

Today is a wet one, remnants of all that wonderful rain from yesterday.  If you’re stuck inside today, try out some of these science experiments:

If you are able to get outside, consider taking a chalk-walk.  Draw or write an encouraging message on your driveway or sidewalk with chalk.  Then, take a walk and look for other messages and pictures written by your neighbors.

Today at 11 am, on KLCS-TV and online, Superintendent Austin Beutner will be holding a press conference about next steps for LAUSD schools while we are all practicing safer at home.  Tune in if you can. 

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Jessica and Christine

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Jun 12