Beginning of Day 6

Good morning observant Orange Cluster families,

We thought it would be helpful if we briefly outlined the day for you to help you organize your Monday. 

Today, we have language arts in the morning. There would have been a brief mini-lesson for reading and then the class would spend the next 30-40 minutes reading. From the work we sent home you could spend the entire 30-40 minutes reading, working on Lexia or going through some Scholastic News magazines. You could also split the between 2 of the 3 activities. Also, don’t forget to have your child stay on top of their daily reading of Lemonade War. 

After Reader’s Workshop, the class would have a mini-lesson to start Writer’s Workshop. Today, have them complete one page of their paragraph packet and then have them pick a prompt to write about. They can write with paper and pencil or they can do their writing on the computer. Pick which ever works best for your house and your child! They should spend about 30 minutes completing these activities. 

After recess, the class has two separate activities - garden and math packets. If you have a garden and can do some sort of outdoor activity with your child that would be a great replacement for garden. If you can’t do that, then have them help you prepare lunch or dinner. Talk about the food and where it came from. You can also do some math with measuring the different amounts of a given recipe. 

For math packets, they should complete two pages of their math packet. Please make sure you check each page after it has been completed before going onto the next page. If they are having any struggle, you may have to review the process. During this time, they can also practice memorizing their math facts. This can be done with flash cards or with different online resources. Again, another 30-40 minutes for math is enough. 

In the final block of the day, we would be working on social studies or science. Spend 40 minutes exploring some of the Mystery Science activities we sent last week. Try to dig into one of the activities if you have the necessary supplies! For those of you who are enjoying the Mystery Science Lessons, I have good news for you!
They have unlocked all of their lessons for free through June for all parents and teachers! Use this link:
You don't need accounts or passwords, you can just click on the links to access videos & student materials.

Coming up for this week:

We are looking into setting up another Zoom with the class. We haven’t picked a day or time, but will let you know as soon as possible. We will also work hard to make sure it doesn’t conflict with other clusters.

Tomorrow we are having another staff meeting to discuss the remote learning as we move forward. We will update you with that information once we have it.

Digital Access to Scholastic News coming soon!

Thank you all for your support and patience through this crazy time! Please keep yourselves healthy and hug your babies a little tighter (and give them an extra squeeze from us)!

Best Wishes,
Anne & Tracey

Expiration Date: 
Jun 5