Day 7

Hello Red Cluster!

On Tuesday mornings, Red Cluster has math for about 45 minutes. There are several options for students to choose from to get in their math time today. Children can log on to ST Math and/or continue to work in their math packets. Children can also enjoy some of the math games we have sent home thus far. Before school closed, we were beginning to learn about fractions. There are many ways to explore fractions at home, especially when cooking food or making meals.

  • Practice dividing ingredients or meals into smaller pieces so children can see a visual model of fractions (i.e. cutting tortillas into thirds or quarters).
  • Use measuring cups to show how many smaller cups you need to add to one bigger cup.
  • Bake cookies, make a pizza, or put together your favorite sandwich. Cut your food into pieces and ask your child questions such as:​
    • How can you cut the cookie so that there are two parts and both parts are equal?
    • How many halves make up a whole cookie?
    • Would you rather have half of the cookie, or a fourth? Why?
    • How can we divide this pizza so that each person in our family has an equal slice?
    • If we eat ¼ of the sandwich, how much is left?

Tuesday is Red Cluster’s Garden time with Farmer Bailey and Mismak. Go outside today if you can, get some fresh air, and take a “Spring Nature Walk” with your child. You can go on a scavenger hunt and look for items such as different types of leaves, a beautiful rock, an insect, a bird’s nest, and clouds in the sky. Draw pictures or take photos of what you find on your walk.

Also, Ms. Jo reads to our students during this block of time. She was in the middle of reading The BFG, by Roald Dahl. Click the link below to hear Ms. Jo read the next two chapters of the book!

In partnership,

Joey and Stacy

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Jun 10