Why I Served on Governing Council: Anne-Marie Cziko

A productive and supportive school community has to be built and maintained. This requires active and involved parent partners working with admin, staff and faculty. My name is Anne-Marie and I have been working closely with or as a leader of the Site Committee since my sons' arrival at Open in 2016.

Serving on Governing Council allows you understand the governance system of the school and the district, and advocate for student needs from a parent perspective. It also allows your committee to have representation on the Council. If community service is a calling of yours being an Open Governing Council rep is a great way to serve our students and learn how successful and collaborative problem-solving can occur when representation from all stakeholders is valued.

Open School’s Governing Council Needs You! Please seriously consider running for Open School's Governing Council. Click here to print and fill out the nomination form and yellow.clusteratme.com (email it) to Denise Benjamin by Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

Expiration Date: 
Apr 30