Updates and more (3/25/2020)

Happy Wednesday,

Your Padlets are extremely amazing. We are so excited to see the creative and fun things you all are doing. More importantly we are happy to see your smiling faces continuing to be the outstanding students you are.

All that hard work creating, it’s time to take a break and read. Share a book that’s been an all time favorite of yours or just a book that you think would be a good read. Convince us to read the book. Can’t wait to see some of your favorite reads.  https://openschool.padlet.org/bluecluster/DEAR

Adele’s Mom, Miss Gisa is excited about Virtual Spirit week and reads about Georgia O’Keeffe to her preschool. Check out the video.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyxh4-bYlV0    Maybe it will give some of you ideas of a fun and creative way to share your favorite books. Feel free to send it to blue.clusteratme.com


We have received some emails about math support and will be sending out zoom meeting IDs  to families who reached out using remind. 


Lemonade War

Finish reading the book by Sunday so we can discuss next week in small reading groups and give some mini lessons on how to complete your roadmaps. 



Every child has been assigned a username and password.

Your child’s login information is as follows: 

Login User name: first name (all lower case)

Password: blue2020

If it does not work, please email blue.clusteratme.com


General Information for your Calendars:

  • School hours next week will be 8:05-12:50
  • Friday (3/27) Open school staff is having an Online Learning PD so we will not be available for office hours. Please don’t hesitate to send your messages and we will get to you as soon as possible. 
  • During school closure, Tuesday’s will be staff PDs approximately 10:00-11:30 am.


Communicating with Families

We will send emails through mailchimp and post almost all of the messages publicly on the website including announcements related to Zoom meetings, Padlet, assignment turn in,  links to video lessons, etc. However, If we are including a Zoom meeting ID then that will be sent and set up as private so you will only access that through email or remind. 


Netiquette (Online Etiquette to follow when on Zoom calls)

We Respect Ourselves:  

Be ready to share with your classmates.  That means that everyone can see and hear everyone else, so make sure you are sitting in a place where it is quiet enough so you can hear what others have to say and you are dressed ready for the day.  You should not be walking around your house with your device. Please be on time and if you enter late, please be respectful of the learning of others.

We Respect Others:  

Be ready to listen. If you want to talk, please raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call upon you. If everyone is talking at once it will be hard to hear.  If you have siblings or pets, please make sure they are not walking in front of the camera. Please be on time and if you enter late, please be respectful of the learning of others.  This time is for everyone so please do not have one on one conversations with others.

We Respect the Environment:  

Meeting online is a new experience and we are in a new environment. We are also going to be in each other's "homes." It is special when people let you into their home. We are so lucky to be able to see one another. Please be mindful of what you say and how you are saying it, so we will be invited back. We want everyone to feel safe in this new environment.

Try your best to be online, but if you are entering late please be mindful of the session that has already started. So that means join and listen in and wait till it’s appropriate to respond. If there are difficulties with tech we will do our best to troubleshoot behind the sends and just send a message via zoom chat or remind during the session .



Expiration Date: 
Jun 30