Daily Update: Wednesday, March 26, 2020

Good morning all,

Just a reminder that we have a Zoom meeting scheduled for today at 9:30 am. Remember to bring your planet research and your brave voice to share with us. See the email invitation sent last night for call in information.

Today is our super fun Thursday schedule! Some great resources are being offered by our specialists and sent by Ms. Cass in her Supporting One Another: Remote Learning emails for this week. Check them out and enjoy P.E. with Coach Jolyene, Art with Ms. Nichole, and Music with Mr. Cline. 

Also, Ms. Messaye is piloting small group Zoom sessions for our math work together this week and next week. If you are invited, please prioritize attending. If you have not been invited yet, not to worry, everyone will be soon. As I said, we are piloting this to see how it will help us integrate teacher/student "face-to-face" instruction on this virtual platform. 

When we are not on Zoom with you, writing these updates, or corresponding with individual families, we are spending a great deal of our time in virtual professional development and planning with each other. There is a lot to be considered, a lot to learn, and we are working to make sure you all feel supported as well. With that tomorrow will be a 100% professional development day for us which means no Zoom meetings will take place :( Honestly, this is a District mandate, but also much needed focused time! Take care and see you when we Zoom shortly! 

Frequently Asked Questions(Either ones that were asked, or that you might want to ask!):

*Should we check the Frequently Asked Questions from previous emails?

Absolutely! If you have a question, it might be a good idea to start there first.  We will be in professional development over the next week and will not be as available to answer your questions so hopefully you can find answers to questions we have already addressed in the previous emails. 

*Have you heard about zoomboming? 

Yes we did indeed see this last night! We will definitely have emergency protocols in place and moving forward we will no longer make visible the links on the website.  Zoom is actually one of the topics for our Professional Development tomorrow and we will continue this discussion on how to Zoom safely with our students.

*Can all of the emails you send out be listed on the website as well?

Unfortunately, no they can not be.  We will not post an email on the website that contains password information or Zoom meeting information.  We will continue to make the other emails we send out visible on our cluster page. 

Will we be having a Parent Meeting soon?

Yes.  We have postponed that meeting and will let you know of the new date soon. We have been in many meetings, attended professional developments already, and are receiving tons of information at a rapid rate and want to make sure the meeting we have with you has the most accurate and up to date information. 

Expiration Date: 
Dec 31