Thursday, 3/26/20 Update

Hi everyone!

Here are a bunch of new links to new videos.  These are hopefully going to last you for Thursday and Friday, as we are all, per district requirements, spending Friday in virtual professional development activities.  We will still be checking and answering emails, but our response time might be slower if we’re in the middle of a meeting or class.

First off, here’s a reading of a picture book Ms. Denise found in Philadelphia this summer about how Benjamin Franklin and Noah Webster wanted to change our alphabet to make it more friendly.  While it would have been a big pain for everyone then, wouldn’t it be nice for us now?

An Inconvenient Alphabet


The student challenge is to make a list of as many words as you can think of that aren’t friendly to spell. So, for example, words that sound the same but are spelled differently, words with silent letters, groups of words that use the same letter or combinations of letters but in each word that letter or combination has a different sound.  Make them into a tree map with group titles at the top that describe the way the words all go together in that category.


Then, Beatrice loaned us a book about empathy, so here’s a reading of that book.  The assignment to go with this book is to have some empathy for those around you as much as you can!  And if you want an extra challenge, see how you can spread some positive energy beyond your house.  We’d love to hear about what you do!

Sand in My Shoes


Also, in the area of reading, Cece Bell, the author / illustrator of El Deafo, is sharing a chapter a day from the book.  And she’s not just reading it, she’s also talking about it and going more in depth.  So many of you love that book as much as Ms. Denise does, so we’re sharing a link to her page so that you can follow along.  She’s doing one chapter a day and all of the videos are saved, which is good, since she started on Monday!


And for math, here are three videos.

This one is to go along with the packet about finding the perimeter of complex shapes.  We highly recommend doing the area of complex shapes first, as the skills build.


This one is for the line plot graph paper, just in case anyone has gotten to that yet and doesn’t remember how line plot graphs work.


And this one is for the next section of Multiplication 5 - the problems called lattice.


And, just to give you a heads up, by Monday we will have set up ST Math classes, for anyone who wants to do some ST Math.  We are also going to set up a class account for Prodigy, which is another online math practice site.  We are also requesting a trial of Dreambox, yet another online math practice site.  We thought we would offer a few options and let the students try them out to see which one they actually like best.  (Dreambox is offering parents a free 90 day trial, also, but we’d like to try to get the class version so that we can see everyone’s progress.  If we don’t get the trial, we’ll let you know and you can try it as a parent, if you want.)  

We are not requiring anyone to use any of these services, but we wanted to have some options for anyone who was interested.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31