Day 9

Hi Red Cluster!

It was so great seeing so many of you in our zoom class this morning! We love checking in with you to hear how you are doing. It sounds like everyone is busy learning math, making beautiful art projects, spending time with family and more!

On Thursday, our morning starts with Reader’s Workshop and spelling. We just wanted to remind you that Epic is a great way to read a variety of books. There is also a collection of “Read to Me” books. This is great because your child can follow the words as the app reads the story to them. Our students love this feature!

Just go to, click “students” and enter our class code: tls5383. Find your child’s avatar and you’re in!

After snack, we do math and writer’s workshop. Many of you mentioned that you loved the “cooking with fractions” post from Tuesday! Here are some other creative ways to explore fractions at home:

  • Play-Doh Fractions: Have your child partition fractions using play-dough! Give them a ball of Play-Doh, a rolling pin and something to cut with (nothing sharp, of course!).  Cookies cutters are fun ways to cut out different shapes as well. Your child can practice dividing shapes into equal parts and naming the fractions.
  • Lego Bricks: Ask your child to make a tower using Lego’s. Figure out how to break that tower into halves, thirds and fourths. You can also explore different ways to show ½. The size of a half can change depending on how big the whole is!

After lunch is science! Last Thursday, we posted some links to lessons on that fit with our current science unit, Biomimicry. Feel free to explore any of the lessons you haven’t done yet. Today we have included a link to a lesson from the Aquarium of the Pacific. The lesson is called “Fish for a Day”.

1. Click this link to watch the ocean rangers teach you all about fish:    

2. Click the link below to access the Tropical Reef Webcam


Click the link below to access the Anthias and Wrasse Webcam​

3. Print out the fish for a day worksheet (attached in email), or use your own piece of paper to draw two different kinds of fish you see on the webcams.

4. Click this link to create your own fish! You will need to use Firefox, and have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for this work. Draw a picture of your fish and write a few sentences to tell about the special features it has and how these features help it survive!

Please email us and share pictures of the wonderful work you are doing! 

In partnership,

Joey and Ariel

Expiration Date: 
Jun 10