A Welcome Surprise: Square 1 Art is Back!

Here's something wonderful we hope will lift everyone’s spirit!

A few weeks ago, your children created beautiful artwork that can now be printed on hundreds of high-quality, useful products through Square 1 Art.  The company has now streamlined the process to make it 100% online! 

Search for your child's art code for our school's Square 1 Art fundraiser online! 

Simply click on Square 1 Art shopsite, and click on "Find Your Child's Art", and enter your state, school name, and your child's name. Your child's art code will appear. Once you enter your child's art code provided, you may view your child's art, and order products!

Mobile Users: If you are already logged in to your Square 1 Art account, and do not see "Find Your Child's Art", scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "view full site". The page will re-load and you will see, "Find Your Child's Art Code".

Need help? serviceatsquare1art.com (Email Customer Care) or call 888.332.3294 ext.1

The best part? A generous portion of all purchases will be donated back to support all Open School students! 

Expiration Date: 
Apr 1