Daily Update: Friday, March 27, 2020

Hello Indigo Families,

Happy Friday! Our second week of Remote Learning is coming to an end and, though we miss seeing each other at school, we have enjoyed connecting on our new Zoom platform and we have loved receiving  your at-home learning pictures. Reminder that today, Indigo teachers will be participating in a full day of virtual professional development. We will not have a Zoom meeting today, nor will we be available to respond to emails throughout the day. Next week, will be shortened days Monday -Thursday with 1:00-2:30pm being reserved for teacher virtual professional development with no Zoom meetings. Note, we will be in touch and providing instructional support for your children up until 12:50pm daily. 

In the meantime, TGIF! On Fridays, during the morning block, we enjoy time in the Library with Ms. Pam as well as Choice time to wind down a week spent hard at work. We've all earned our Choice time by working hard to adapt and be productive, being kind and supportive, and keeping our chins up and smiles wide during this difficult time! Adults at home, you have definitely worked hard too so let's all enjoy our Choice time together. Build something, draw something, simulate something, explore something, read and relax, the choice is yours. 

The remaining learning blocks alternate with Language Arts and Math and a bit of wonder and exploration sprinkled in. Stay the course and continue working on the activities and apps according to guidance and packets you have been given. If for some reason your kiddo did not have the chance to share a bit of their planet research during our Zoom meeting, please have them type it and email it to indigo.clusteratme.com so we can add it to our document. We are only asking this of students who did not have a chance to share out loud during our Zoom meetings Wednesday and Thursday.

Also, in math, please make sure your child has written at least two story problems and solved them. See the examples provided yesterday in Indigo's Daily Update or take a look at the Strategies for Mastering Multiplication packet. We are working on a platform where students can post these story problems and share and solve with classmates, but that's next week's task after more professional development! :) Have a great day and weekend!!

Today's Highlights:

Story Time on YouTube with Ms. Pam:

Augustus and His Smile by Catherine Rayner

After the Fall by Dan Santat


Frequently Asked Questions(Either ones that were asked, or that you might want to ask!):

*What if my child is having trouble logging on to one of the online programs?

By now, the expectation is that everyone is able to log on successfully as we will continue to utilize these learning platforms with your child.  If they are still having access issues, please email us right away so we can follow-up with your child next week.

*What if my child is having trouble using some of the zoom features and tools we have worked on so far? 

Please email us right away so that we can follow-up with your child next week.  We want to make sure everyone is comfortable in this new setting and is able to participate in their learning community.




Expiration Date: 
Aug 24