Update for Monday 3/30

Hi everyone,

Sorry for yet another email, but this has been a crazy morning and we wanted to get you information you might need.

First of all, the Class Dojo site is experiencing outages, so you may not be able to get on.  We have found a couple of mistakes we need to fix in our posts there, but can't log in to fix them.  They're working on it on their end, but until then...

Denise made a mistake in setting up the fraction assessment on Microsoft Forms that made it so you couldn't necessarily open it.  She's fixed it, (she hopes), but the fix requires a new link.  So try this one:



Also, the picture book read aloud on Class Dojo is different from the one shared in the email today.  (Guess that's what Denise gets for trying to work ahead a little!)  Please have your child watch the video for Nerdy Birdy Tweets that is below (and in Dojo, hopefully, but we heard maybe the link is not working).  The assignment in Dojo asks them to write a few sentences about how friends you see in real life compare to friends you only interact with online.  (We thought that might be a timely topic.)  We hope that this assignment can be done in their Dojo portfolios, if the site gets back up soon.


Thank you for your patience as we all work through these challenges.  Hopefully soon it will all be totally smooth!! (Feel free to laugh at that one!)

Denise and Lauren



Expiration Date: 
Jul 31