Links for Tuesday, 3/31/20

Here’s what Ms. Denise posted today on Class Dojo for Yellow Cluster to work on.

Read aloud: Since we usually do Roots of Respect activities on Tuesday, this book relates to our work with empathy.  We are asking the students to write about the following in their Class Dojo portfolios:

Please write about how the main character and his aunt showed empathy.  Also, if the story was extended a week, and you were in the book, what would you do to show empathy to the store owner in that next week?

The Candy Shop

And here is a video that goes along with the fraction packet that has a 3 in the top right corner and is about combining fractions to make a whole.  


Fractions 3 - Making a whole

Please remember that not everyone has every fraction packet.  We gave them work based on a pre-assessment that showed us what each student already knew, needed to review, and needed to learn.  So if your child doesn’t have a particular packet, it’s because he/she showed us that he/she already knew how to do the work.  If, for some reason, you still would like your child to have a particular packet, let us know and we will email it to you.  Please know that they aren’t scanned yet, so it might take a little time.

Also, we have run into a glitch with Prodigy and it isn’t recognizing the class code they gave us.  We have reached out to them and are hoping for a solution soon.  You can still sign your child up and have him/her start playing and add him/her to our class once the class code gets fixed.

Once again, thank you so much for your patience and support as we transition our learning and learn about how all of these technologies work.  We appreciate you!

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31