April 2, 2020 update and info

Hi everyone!

Report cards were all sealed up yesterday to be mailed.  We included a few extras in there - a printout of your child’s Safari Park story, which was supposed to combine their encounter with the animal they had researched and facts about that animal, a printout of your child’s Class Dojo QR code, in case that is helpful, a copy of your child’s ST Math passwords, and their Lemonade War bookmark.  If you need your child’s ST Math password sooner, let us know and we will email you a pdf of it.


Please note that we will not be posting lessons starting tomorrow and through Spring Break.  We will, though, be regularly checking and responding to our email and Class Dojo, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  And we will continue to respond to students who complete assignments on Dojo, if you are planning on having your child continue to work.  It just may not be as quick!


Here is a link to the video lesson for the fraction packets that have a four in the upper right corner.  They are all about comparing and ordering fractions without having to use common denominators and equivalent fractions (that is a fourth grade skill, video coming later).

Fractions 4



And here’s a read aloud, just for fun, right before Spring Break.




Also, in Class Dojo, we are putting up an assignment for everyone to tell us which Object Changes Picture they would like to have put in Open Thoughts.  They can do their original object drawing (which will be our default, if we don’t hear from them by April 15), or one of the changed pictures.  If they don’t remember which number change it is, they can just describe what it looked like and we will find it.


And, to help you keep everyone happily occupied while on break, here are a few newly discovered Harry Potter themed resources.

JK Rowling has put up a new section on the wizarding world website called Harry Potter at home.  It’s got all kinds of fun things for Harry Potter lovers to do (as does the whole website).



Also, and probably in partnership with her, both stories.audible.com and the LA public library (via Overdrive or their website) are making the audiobook for the first Harry Potter book freely available in April.  For the library, that means no limits, so you won’t have to wait to check it out.  https://lapl.overdrive.com/media/791128


And a librarian has created a virtual Harry Potter digital escape room that has been getting rave reviews.



And, we’ve attached some coloring pages that the author/illustrator of Amulet, another favorite series released for his fans to color while at home.  You might need to scale them up when printing them, though.  

Amulet 1

Amulet 2

Amulet 3

Amulet 4


We hope you all have a lovely next week.  When we come back, we are going to be expanding what we’re offering to our students to do, including city building related science and social studies projects, and an opportunity to do a deep dive into something they are really interested in. 

Lauren and Denise

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31