Supporting One Another: Welcome Back

Dear Open School Families,

Welcome Back

Hopefully everyone had a much needed Spring Break to calibrate all the newness in all of our lives. This has been a time like no other for all of us. Gratitude, still fills my heart every day. And I hope it does the same for you! 

Please continue to read emails from your clusters, as we all begin using Class Dojo with regularity and preparing lessons via pre-recorded video or zoom, your child's teachers are the best source of information. Although we all have an intuition about the way the end of this school year will pan out, we will all be tuned in tomorrow for Superintendent Beutner's announcement, as it pertains to all of LAUSD. Once we know more, we will share additional information with you. 

Governing Council - Apply by April 15, 2020

 Parents/Guardians, you have until this Wednesday, April 15 by 5:00pm to put in your self-nomination form for Governing Council. Please read about why Michael Thomas (current Governing Council Vice President) served on Open School's Governing Council:

At a young age helping my aunt set up her classroom for the school year I learned what goes into creating a successful learning environment. So when our daughter started at Open I looked for ways to help contribute to that success. 
Hi my name is Michael Thomas and I serve on Governing Council because I wanted to be involved with my child’s school experience. The idea of community and working together are important to me and I was able to foster these ideas by serving on the council. Working with the other parents, teachers and administrators to make this school a better place for our children has been an enjoyable experience. I will truly miss it. Please run for Governing Council and send your nomination form to Denise Benjamin -

Activities for Remote Learning for the week of 4/13/2020:

Open School Enrichment:

Your donations that go to the Friends of Open School makes it possible for our children to have AMAZING enrichment opportunities. Please click here for wonderful P.E., garden, music, library, and art activities for this week. Every week our wonderful specialists will be providing activities for students to explore. Thank you for guiding your children through the lessons that they find interesting.

Got Game

Also Got Game, an Open School favorite will have weekly online opportunities for our kids. Please check out the Got Game Schedule. Please note, they are shifting to a MON-THURS schedule effective this week - so classes start tomorrow!! Please spread the word to direct friends, families and colleagues with children who may be interested! All programs are also available at

In partnership we will prevail,


Expiration Date: 
May 31