ClassDojo and Seesaw Update

Hi Everyone!

    We surely hope you have been enjoying your Spring Break and that is going well for you and your families.  We miss you all so much and while this was our break, we have been busy planning the many fun ways we will be engaging your child beginning next week.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We have noticed that at this time, only 36 percent of our families have signed up to our new platforms of ClassDojo and Seesaw.  We sent their passwords(and yours) in the the report card envelopes that you should have received at the beginning of Spring Break.  We would like for you and your child to be signed up and ready to go by TOMORROW because we will be communicating with you and your child through these platforms starting on Monday.  

     We have just posted next week's schedule on ClassDojo.   Please take a look at it by tomorrow evening and know that we can't wait to meet your child on Monday where their next chapter of their learning adventure begins!



Stacy and Regina


Expiration Date: 
Dec 31