Monday evening 4/13 update

Hi everyone,

First of all, we are so sorry for all of the technological glitches today.  We thought Class Dojo was doing / could do things that apparently it can’t do.  We know it made everyone’s first day back more challenging and stressful than it should have (including ours) and we truly apologize for that.  

So we are busily trying to come up with better solutions.  For now, please just hold on to the paper work that is completed.  We’ll let you know when we make a more workable decision about those.

Going forward, here is what we are going to try, starting tomorrow, Tuesday.  We have created a google document that lists everything we are sharing that day.  The document includes links to all the videos and PDFs, as well as pertinent zoom codes, and any other links that might be needed.  We will post a link to this document every day in both the Class Story, so you as parents can see it, and in the students’ portfolios, so they can see it too.

We are also including suggested due dates on some assignments.  Please know that, for the most part, these due dates are flexible.  (The only ones that won’t be flexible are the ones that relate to our city building.  We don’t have any of those up yet, though.) We’re not trying to create stress and fully support you doing what works for you and your family.  They are meant as guidelines to help keep your kids on track.  We also don’t want anyone spending more than 2-3 hours on schoolwork a day, though if they get totally into any of the projects and are happily pending more time on any of them, that’s totally fine because it’s fun!

We will also create student portfolio assignments where they will be turning in whatever work we are posting that day.  Frequently, at least some of these assignments will actually go into Dojo the evening before so that they are there and ready for the next morning.  That’s just an easier work flow for Denise, at least, but we don’t want anyone getting worried about work that seems to be getting assigned at night.  Just know it’s there for the next day.   

We truly appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and patience, as we all navigate this new normal and learn so much new technology.   Please continue to let us know when something isn’t working so that we can keep doing our best to make things work for everyone, as we also want to be understanding, flexible, and patient with you and the Yellow Cluster students that we miss so much.

Denise and Lauren



Expiration Date: 
Jul 31