Dojo update and picture request

Hi everyone,

Here are some things we have learned about uploading things to Class Dojo that might be helpful.

• If you are working on a computer, Firefox or Chrome are the browsers that work best.  Safari can cause problems.

• If it is an editable pdf that we sent you a link to, you need to first download that pdf to your device and then open it there to do the work on.  Save it, and then upload it back to Class Dojo.

• If we marked it as a text response, it doesn’t seem like you can upload a picture to that portfolio space, so, from now on, we will be sure to make them photo responses for things we would like as pictures or pdfs.  Hopefully that will work better.  

• You can’t upload more than one picture to a portfolio space, but you can upload a multi-page PDF to one.  So if you are trying to turn in work that we sent home on paper, you can combine all of those pictures into one PDF, either by taking the pictures and combining them into one document (On a Mac, open them as a group in Preview and then export as a PDF), or by using a free scanning app (or the notes app on your iPhone, which has a scanning option) and putting them all together in one PDF (possibly done the same way, using Preview), and then uploading that.

• If all else fails, you can upload each page as a picture in the general portfolio section.  While we would like to avoid this solution as much as possible, it does work.  We just don’t get notified that a student has put something in their portfolio when it’s done that way, so we may not see it.  It’s also a little harder for us to stay organized that way.  So if you have to do that, go ahead, but then please message us via Dojo that it was done so we can go check it. 

• You may not be able to upload a pdf from an iPad.  

If you discover any other tricks, tips, or challenges, please let us know so that we can share or fix (if possible) them.

Also, in lieu of the posed cluster photos that usually go into Open Thoughts, we’ve been asked to create our own pages of Yellow Cluster pictures.  Ann Kaatz, Charlie’s mom, has agreed to make these for us, but she needs pictures.  Please send group shots of Yellow Cluster kids this year to her at

We are especially looking for pictures of the whole class performing at the Winter Concert and group pictures from the Safari Park trip, or any other field trip, or class experience.  Please only send pictures that have at least 3 kids in them, since we want to be sure to have everyone represented on the pages.  If you could please send the pictures to her by Friday, that would be great.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31