Schedule for the Week of April 13th

Hello Orange Cluster parents,
Happy Spring! Hope your break was relaxing, peaceful and your family is staying healthy. 

Attached please find our schedule for the week and the activities developed by the specialists (art, garden, music, and PE). You will notice that the Zoom lessons are in smaller groups. In order to better teach remotely and for your children to better learn remotely, we have made our Zoom meetings no bigger than 12 students. We believe this will be the most effective use of everyone’s time. 

We are also rolling out Class Dojo and learning it alongside with you. The schedule will be also in Class Dojo as we begin to use that platform as our main source of communication. 

This week we're having the students upload two assignments to Class Dojo after the work is completed: Word Wall J, K, & L, and Paragraph Packet page 10. (The Word Wall work will have to be printed out from Class Dojo.) The easiest way to up load the work is to take a picture of the page and put it into your child’s portfolio. Again, we will be testing this out as well and will let you know if these directions change.

There is also a Roots of Respect assignment -We’re All Wonders- that has already been placed into Class Dojo.

Again, we are testing out this platform and hopefully, your child can pick one of the assignment choices and place it in their portfolio when it is completed. If there are any issues, you can message us through Class Dojo. 

We also have a special guest reader, Kelli, Clara’s mom! She is reading Soft Rain, our read aloud, for this month. The initial links to YouTube are in the schedule. They will also be in Class Dojo. We will be adding more of those links later. Please enjoy the book. Kelli is an amazing reader, changing her voices according to the character!

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Finally, the Zoom codes have been quadruple checked so we hope that they are all correct! Please make sure your child goes to their correct Zoom meeting. The zoom codes are not hotlinks so you'll need to copy & paste the meeting ID number when joining the meeting. Please remind your student that the capital letters count when it comes to the Zoom password.

We are excited to see the class tomorrow!
Much love,
Anne & Tracey


Expiration Date: 
Jun 13