Week of April 20th

Hello Amazing Orange Families,

We hope this email finds you and your family healthy and safe. This global pause has really reminded us of what is important in life - family, friends & good health. That's it. Oh, how we will treasure seeing & hugging our friends when this is all over!

Attached below is our schedule for next week and the activities developed by the Specialists! Moving forward, our schedule will remain relatively static. Hopefully this will help smooth all the bumps out from these past couple of weeks. 

Some of our students have come up with a smart strategy for Zooms so we thought we'd pass it on. They are signing in 5-10 minutes before the lesson starts. This is super helpful for a number of reasons.
1. For anyone having tech issues, we can possibly help you before the lesson starts. (Once the lesson starts, we're busy teaching & not available for tech support/emails.)
2. If your children are signed in early, than everyone will be there at 9 AM sharp so we can start on time. (This is especially important for those shorter meetings like Book Clubs, so we can have our full 15 minutes.) 
3. Lastly, if he/she is signed in early - your student won't miss any of the lesson! 
Given all these benefits, we would greatly appreciate all of your children being a little early for the Zoom meetings! 
Yesterday we emailed you a technology folder. Inside is their Role Model project. It is on Keynote which is a Mac application. Please let us know if you cannot open the document. We need to know this information as soon as possible. Your child has work to do in their role model presentation starting next week. 

We're still checking Orange Cluster email, but down the road we'll transition to mostly communicating via Class Dojo. In Class Dojo, the Message section is for us to communicate with each other. Please don't upload any work there. To upload work, your student has to be signed into their account & then upload it into the assigned activity or in their portfolio.

In their Portfolios, if the work is labeled DRAFT, then they are missing something and need to complete/fix it. (You will receive an email that there is a draft in their portfolio.) We’ll comment on what they need to fix. If it is approved, then we'll also comment on it and it will no longer be labeled DRAFT. We're not going to make them fix and re-upload their Word Walls or Spelling Packets like we would in class (too much back & forth!). Instead, we'll just comment on what they missed and, please have them review the mistake. 
Thank you for your patience as we all navigate this new platform. Hopefully, it will get easier and easier each week. Please know that we are here to support you and your children during this time. Message us if you need help in anyway. 

Stay healthy & enjoy this gift of extra time with your family!

Much love,
Anne & Tracey




Expiration Date: 
Jun 13