Supporting One Another: Community Resources to Help During the Pandemic

Hello Open School Families,

Everyday, even though I am finding a little bit of a better rhythm with working from home and this notion of #saferathome, I still feel isolated from everyone and everything that I enjoy so much. And I know I am not alone in these feelings. These are indeed trying times. It is such a polarizing feeling to be torn in so many ways, with so many emotions. However, I find comfort in knowing that my Open School family is ONE and I know we will all prevail, together. These are times that call for the best in all of us.

With our current reality, has come hard times for everyone. If you are experiencing troubling times please reach out to your Open School family. We are here to support you. Also, please click here to use this amazing resource page on our website.  A HUGE shout out and thank you to Ms. Lew and Shazneen Gandhi (parent editor of Thursday's Backpack) for putting together this wonderful COVID-19 Resource page on our Open School website for our community. Please share the word. We will continue to update the information so that it remains relevant.

Please see below for a few supplemental family and educational resources for this week:

 Enrichment Schedule

Please click here for wonderful P.E., garden, music, library, and art activities for the  week of April 20th. Every week our wonderful specialists will be providing activities for students to explore. Thank you for guiding your children through the lessons that they find interesting.

Got Game

An Open School favorite will have weekly online opportunities for our kids. Please check out this Got Game Schedule for the week of April 20th. Please spread the word to direct friends, families and colleagues with children who may be interested! All programs are also available at

Story Time with Michelle Obama

Tune in for the next four Mondays with Michelle Obama for Story Time.

Bedtime with Mickey

If your child would like a unique voice at bedtime, try the Disney bedtime Hotline.

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May 31