Schedule for the Week of April 27th

Hello Amazing Orange Families,

We so appreciate your support!!! You have all been so incredible and flexible in helping your kids with their work ... all while trying to do your own work! We've thrown technology projects, rigorous writing assignments, two different accounts in Class Dojo, math assignments, uploading, downloading, and so on and so forth! You name it, and you have seen it! Your family’s hard work is paying off… it is all coming together. Thank you for all your effort, patience and grace. We hope you reward yourself with a great weekend! 

Next week the schedule is generally the same. Except for two events. One new item to note is we are starting to add in parent Zooms. You are a big part of this remote learning and we want to check in with you. We will hold two this week and two the following week.
This week we'll see all the Ambassador parents (Caleb, Clara, David, Hannah, Jax, Jihoon, Khamani, Lindsey, Matthew F., Morgan, Myla, Zaman) on Friday,  May 1st from 8 - 8:30 AM. We'll also see the Envoy parents (Amiya, Billy, Brooklyn, Cora, Drew, Garrett, Hezeki, Jordan, Kameron, Lena, Lizzie, Simone) on Friday, May 1st from 10:00 - 10:30 AM.  Some of you have come up with some great strategies in navigating remote learning & have solutions you could share with other families. 
(The following week on May 8th, we'll see the parents of the Diplomats and Patriots.) 
The second schedule addition is our meetings with the culture groups. We will be meeting with some this week (see schedule) and some next week to go over their Role Model presentations. We will discuss the work they have done so far and next steps.
Another Zoom meeting that is coming up is with the Specialists. On Friday, May 8th and Friday, June 5th, from 1 -2 PM.  All the specialists (Ms. Nichole, Mr. Cline, & Coach Jolyene), including Ms. Pam, our librarian, will host two Zooms with a half the class attending from 1:00 - 1:30 and the other half from 1:30 - 2:00. This is will be the time when the kids can share, if they are so inclined, any project or activities they've done that was given to them by the specialists. Keep any projects they've completed from the specialists so they can present them.

Lastly, we are uploading editable PDFs to Class Dojo. This means the students can type directly on them & upload them back into their portfolio. (This is to avoid all the steps of downloading an assignment, printing it out,  completing it, and then having to upload it again.) We're learning new technology alongside you! 

Below is next week’s schedule along with the specialist’s activities for the week. We have also included a link for you all to enjoy. It is our school video the staff created to send to our amazing community: “Schools may be closed, but our hearts remain Open!"
Stay healthy! We love & miss you all!

All our best,
Anne & Tracey


School video:


Expiration Date: 
Jun 13