Reminders and Updates

Hello Indigo Families!

This email is to close out last week and usher in the new week with a few updates and additions. This will be a lengthy email. It is chunked by topic, but read to the end! : )


  • Seesaw Activities - We sent a reminder on ClassDojo, but want to reiterate that all activities assigned on Seesaw the week after Spring Break (April13th-April17th) will no longer be seen or available on your child's activity feed as of midnight tonight (with the exception of the WE Project: Let's Build a Spacecraft). If your child has not gotten to an activity from that week and you want them to be able to access that content, they may do so today before these activities are archived. 
  • Parent Meeting SummaryThis past Friday was a great opportunity to connect and get clarification.  For those that weren’t able to join us, here are some of the highlights/answered questions that came from the meeting:
  1. Our Room Parent team has created several opportunities for your kiddos and you to connect. See details in email sent April 22nd. Sign up here for Indigo playdate opportunities next week!
  2. The Q&A with Astronaut Scott Kelly Friday morning was a winner! Here is the YouTube recording as promised. 
  3. Parents clarified that all Seesaw activities clear from a student's fee once complete. In an effort to manage the activity feed of students and teachers, we will be archiving activities from the first week Indigo students used Seesaw (April13th-April17th). Moving forward, the majority of parents voted to keep up the previous week's activities along with the current week's activities added daily. Activities will be archived after being up for two weeks unless they are carrying forward or connected to an activity that is ongoing.
  4.  When students open Seesaw, their Inbox is on the right side. Students should check their Inbox Notifications daily. Comments from teachers as well as Drafts that require review and action before the activity is complete are found in Notifications. When you click on notifications, they will come up on the left of the screen. To make changes to a Draft click on the notification and then click Edit. It will take your child back into the Seesaw activity. To respond to a Comment in an activity, they can click on the " at the bottom left of the screen to write or record a caption.
  5. Been wondering how to download and make a copy of the activities so your child can complete some of them off line? This video has answers!
  6. Regarding the materials you picked up last week, pull them out to find supplemental paper and pencil work. Language Arts materials are in a white envelope, there is a black and white composition book they are suppose to decorate, and there is a white hard back book for your child to use for an upcoming class project. Please do not let them write freely in the white hardback book or they won't have it for our project which will be a nice keepsake. Students should bring their writing journal to Writing Club Zoom Meetings and nothing for Book Club Zoom Meetings for now.                                                                                                        Math materials are, either slipped inside their red math folders (for 2nd graders) or slipped inside a purple or black math workbook (for 3rd graders). Second graders also have a set of orange math workbooks. Students should bring their math folder (with these supplemental materials inside) along with blank paper and a sharpened pencil when they come to Zoom Math meetings.
  7. As promised, the book your child will be reading in Book Club groups was emailed to each of you through ClassDojo yesterday. 


  • Build A Spacecraft Project - Your students have shown amazing creativity and scientific knowledge thus far with their Wonder and Exploration Spacecraft Project! Their Friday shares wowed and inspired us all! We will have another Zoom on Tuesday at 11:30 AM during WE time because so many more wanted to share and more have requested the same since Friday. Two additional steps will be discussed on Tuesday as related to this project.
  • Open Thoughts Art - We want to submit the aforementioned project in Open Thoughts and we will  need your help. Your student will be taking the plan of their spacecraft and redrawing and labeling it with a couple of polishing steps. We will be asking you to take a photo of it once finished and email it to our Indigo email by Thursday. Look out for separate instructions on the what, how, and when.
  • Spacecraft and Math - Your kiddos will be needing a ruler, meter stick, tape measure for our upcoming work to measure, compare, and record data about our spacecrafts. Please look around the house to see if you have one of these measuring devices. It would be great if it measured in metric and standard  Your child will be asking for it and if you do not have one, I will provide a pdf of one that can be made from paper. 
  • If you want your child to have a hard copy of the book he/she will be reading and discussing during their Book Club Zooms in May, this week is a great time to get it.
  • Here is the Schedule for the upcoming week and the Specialist document as well.

*** That's all folks! Continue to check ClassDojo each morning! Thanks for staying in there with us and making it to the end of this marathon email!  

And to always end on a high note.... A video not to be missed : ) 


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Aug 24