Clarification on Spacecraft drawing

Hi all,

I decided to communicate with all of you at once because I was getting quite a few photographs of drawings that were not Open Thoughts ready and it was a lot of back and forth communication. If you submitted your child's already, and I responded "Got it", then thank you, there is no need to read further! Otherwise, in the interest of my time returning and typing similar clarifying directions and in the interest of your and your child's time too, I cut and paste the directions from Seesaw under activity name, Open Thoughts Art Work :

As I explained yesterday in our WE Zoom, you will redraw your plan for your spacecraft. You all did such an impressive job planning and building your satellites, we are going to create a copy to be placed in this year's Open Thoughts Anthology! You know how much Indigo friends look at and love to enjoy Open Thoughts Anthologies from the past so it is really important that your satellite represents your best art work. You will need a white, blank (no lines) piece of paper,  cut in half. 

1. Go to your Journal in Seesaw and find your response to Project: Let's Build a Spacecraft (Alert! You are NOT looking for the one that says Part 2) The first part of the project was assigned a few weeks ago and will be the last activity in your Journal unless you did not turn it in or if it is still a Draft. 

2. When you find Project: Let's Build a Spacecraft, click the arrows on one side of your document until you see your plan. Click on it once to open it. 

3. On the unlined white paper, copy your satellite over in pencil with as much detail as possible and then neatly label it. 

4. Next, trace over your satellite with a pen or THIN black marker, no color please. 

5. Give your completed satellite plan to mom or dad and ask them to take a picture of it and email (actual size) to indigo.clusteratme.comwith your first and last name in the subject line.

I will spend this evening as planned gathering and uploading files and respond to each submitted with a "Got it" or "Needs attention. See Clarification emaiI"


Stacy Messaye

Expiration Date: 
Aug 24