Supporting One Another: There is a Teacher in All of Us

In an email I received from a parent last week, she referenced “calling uncle,” which I found so fitting during this "new normal," for we all can relate to that. We left school on March 13, thinking we would be away for two weeks. Now entering our seventh week, we are figuring out how to operate with calm and grace, because we now know that we will be doing this for a bit longer.

But for a lot of us, just knowing that we are not the only person that wants to scream “uncle,” is so important. Knowing that we are not alone, is so important. Knowing that your Open School community is here for you, is important. We are! No matter what your unique situation, we have all been tried to our limit and then some. But the beauty of that is, we all now truly know (if we didn't already) what we are made of.                                   


The partnership of teachers and parents, now more than ever, is so crucial and meaningful for our children. Parents, thank you for jumping into the role of full-time teacher with no warning. We appreciate you! I have heard many parents say that they had no idea how challenging it is to be a teacher, and all of the behind the scenes work that goes into it. I thank you for taking the charge and partnering with us. There is no greater teacher than one’s first teacher, their family. 

A special Teachers Appreciation Day shout out to all of our wonderful teachers,aides and specialists. They have been tested, stretched and prodded, and are showing up everyday unscathed. I give kudos to our teachers, because, hand in hand with our students, they are the undying beauty and testament to why our school is so wonderful. Teachers, on this day and always, I salute you for doing the job of giants, within your human-sized bodies. You are so special, and we are all forever grateful!


Enrichment for the Week of May 4, 2020:

Open School Specialists:

Please look at the review of lessons, which is a review of the lessons over the past three weeks. This review will prepare all of the students for the zoom classes with the specialists this week beginning Tuesday. Please refer to this weeks' cluster schedule sent by your teachers to determine the enrichment zoom class time for your child.

Got Game:

Here is the Got Game schedule and class descriptions for this week.

California Science Center:

The following link has Stuck at Home Science activities. Check them out!


Expiration Date: 
May 31