Week of May 4

Hello Orange Family,
Thank you Ambassador and Envoy parents! We had two great parent Zooms today with thoughtful suggestions and strategies. We heard some excellent suggestions from parents about what is working well in their homes. 
One of the strategies working well at the Aldridge and Sugano homes is that Garrett and Amiya are in charge of their Orange schedule. On Friday, they look it over together & highlight their Zooms, assignments and due dates. During the week, they are in charge of checking it off each day. Jordan’s family said it helped them to cross off with a thick black marker the Zooms & assignments not involving their child. 

Another idea that came out of the parent zoom was that the kids are missing their friends and the social aspect of school. Monisha Brewer mentioned her daughter has weekly Zooms with about 5 of her friends and they have a blast. Her daughter calls them her "meetings" and the kids virtually do art together. 

We'd love to encourage you to set up Zooms with your son or daughter's friends. If you don't have their phone numbers, the Open School website has an excellent online directory. Go to the Parent Resource page on the right side. One of the options is an online directory. You will have to sign in with your email & pin. Whenever you started Open School, they gave you a pin number to access the website's private pages. If you don't remember it, don't worry just hit forgot pin and they'll let you reset it. It requires a pin so only Open families can access the directory. You can search by cluster, grade level or name. It is super easy to navigate. The Open website has been a little wacky lately and sending me to a page in Japanese selling vases & sofas. If that happens to you, try again later, use another browser, or see if this link works: http://opencharter.org.

In honor of “National Two Different Shoes Day (May 3rd) and National Orange Juice Day (May 4th) on Wednesday, May 6th & Thursday, May 7th we want the kids to come to their Zooms wearing/ doing something to celebrate these days! Have fun with it!! 

We are also introducing Dream Box math to the class. They find Dream Box by signing into Clever (www.clever.com/in/lausd) like they do for Lexia and look for this symbol

There are a few things you and your child need to know before starting Dream Box. 
Initial Placement: your child will be assessed by using the data collected from their completed lessons. 
1. To ensure accurate assessment, encourage your child to complete lessons, even if they find them too difficult or too easy. Do not let them ABANDON an activity mid-lesson.
2. Allow for 15 to 20 minute sessions throughout the week with the goal of completing 60 minutes across the week.
3. Encourage completion of every lesson that is started. Mistakes are OK. You child should not shy away from incorrect answers as they help find the right lesson to build learning progress.
4. We know it’s difficult, but please resist the urge to help with answers. It is important for the program to get an accurate read of your child’s approaches in order to support their developmental growth. 

Friday is Mr. Lietz’s last day with us! We are in the process of planning something. Please keep an eye out for specific details.

As Mother's Day and Father's Day are approaching, we are assigning your kids a writing/art assignment titled: 5 Things I Love About My Parent(s). They have to do it by Friday. We don't need to see it. They have to turn it into you with a big hug and kiss! :)

Just something to put on your calendar for the future - tentatively, Monday, June 8th will be a "pick up projects/return books to school" day. We'll be in the teacher's parking lot from 10am - 12pm with our snazzy gloves & face masks.

Lastly, we hope you are all staying healthy and seeing the positive side of this wacky situation. We're enjoying the downtime with our own kids & with factories on pause, the earth is actually healing. There will probably be even more benefits coming out of this time.

Anne & Tracey



Expiration Date: 
Jun 13