Important Info and Updates: Week of May 4th

Hello Inspiring Indigo Cluster Families!

Hope you all are enjoying some sunshine, having some fun at home, and recharging this weekend as we gear up for another week of remote learning. We want to take a moment to reflect on how awesome and engaged your kids have been despite all that is weird and unusual with the way we are teaching and learning right now. Specifically, they have jumped in with both feet and really done a fantastic job with our Spacecraft Project thus far! A HUGE THANK YOU for your support making these awesome projects come to fruition! The Spacecraft Project continues to be an activity that you can engage in as a family. The next step of this project is Spacecraft Project: Data Collection and Drop Tests an activity posted this past Thursday on Seesaw. As we integrate measurement and data collection into this project, and do Drop tests, expect that there may be some pieces that fall off or satellites that fall apart. The Engineering Design Process calls for revisions and retests and teaches perseverance and resilience in the process. 

The Schedule for this week is attached here. Note that Zoom schedules are pretty much the same now from week to week with a couple of exceptions and all Zoom IDs and passwords are the same this week as last as they are set as recurring meetings. The only change in your child's zoom schedule from the one sent to you through ClassDojo last Sunday is there is no Wonder and Exploration Zoom on Tuesday and Specialists will Zoom with students on Friday at 10:00AM and 10:30AM in groups of 24 in lieu of Office Hours. Everything else remains the SAME. If you are accustom to printing the Zoom schedule, simply cross out/make those revisions. When we send zoom id information for the Specialists' Zoom, we will include which group your child is in. The Specialist are encouraging students to bring any projects they have done related their specialist time to the Zoom meeting. Click for PDF from the specialists 

Reminder that activities from the week of April 20-24 are on their way to being archived. This means they will no longer be available for submission or revision nor will they be seen in your child's activity feed.

At our Parent Zoom this past Friday, May 1st, we only had a few announcements and updates and the meeting turned into a great opportunity for families to share what's working and to get feedback from us and each other about what's not and what to do about it. Moving forward, Friday Parent Zooms will be on a drop in and out bases where we will be available on Zoom from 1:00-1:40 to provide support to parents and children who come by.   Here are the notes from this past Friday's meeting. They address most of what we want to share here:  

Student Materials in the brown paper bags were reviewed:

*Diary of Quarantined Kid Writing Journal-This journal is an opportunity for us to do writing activities together as well as have your children write independently about their lives while being quarantined.  They can write in it at any time as the idea is that it will be a collection of their writing and a way for them to process what they are feeling.

*Blank Hardcover Books-Hold onto these as well as and keep them in a safe place. We are definitely going to use the hardback book for an end of the year project and still deciding about the other ones based on timing. 

*Sound Spelling Card-This tan card can be used as a reference to help your child spell the sounds they hear in words they are writing.  

*Daily Language Review-We are working on the Week 21 now and will probably work on one more week, then the rest will become enrichment.

*Social Studies Book-This can be used as enrichment now or in the summer.

*Reader’s Response Journal-We may use this from time to time to respond to their reading, but this journal and many of the other materials are belongings from their bin that we may or may not have them use during upcoming assignments. We recommend keeping it all in a safe place. 

*Red Math Folder and Math Journal- This is one of the folders used regularly in class and that we recommend keeping out to organize packets or other assignments you may download and print. Second grade students had additional packets slipped into this folder including the money packets already used. The red math journal may be used as a place to show strategy work.  

*Orange/Purple/Black Math workbooks- Each student received one. These are resources that may be assigned to specific students but will primarily be an additional resource for support and practice.

Spacecraft Project Update and Next Steps: Ms. Messaye logged into Seesaw and went over the assignment Spacecraft Project: Data Collection and Drop Test in greater detail in terms of what is expected and how families will be involved. It will be covered more in math Zooms next week and must be finished and submitted by Thursday, May 7th. 

Student Zoom Office Hours: Continue to have your child attend if they need support. We are also writing in the comments to an activity when we want a student to come get more support on a topic or specific assignment during office hours. Office hours are a drop in format so students come and go as needed.

Here are a few things discussed at parent requests:

*How to get kids to read the directions first

       -They can listen to the instructions and follow-along

       -While in the activity, they can still click view instructions and read or even listen to the directions

      -They can work on it as a life skill and set goals with you on reading and following directions 

      -They can get in the habit of checking their work during the process and before they submit. 

*How to help if your child shows they need you and doesn’t want to do their work independently

    -Some of the activities can be done with a younger sibling

    -Some of the activities can be done independently and they are already familiar with and use to doing  them   (ie Spelling City, Kids a-z, Dreambox [now in lieu of ST Math but still independent], and Lexia)

    -Remind them that they are still accountable to their teachers.

     -You can only do what you can do, but do what’s to maintain the positive relationship with your child.

     -In considering how to prioritize activities from the weeks past, before they are archived, keep in mind if the activity will have other follow ups that build on the skill covered or if it is an ongoing project that the class is participating in and sharing together. 

      -A time not to help or support is when your child is on Zoom calls by telling them what to say or giving them the  answers. Teachers appreciate the help you are giving your child, but this isn’t quite the time.

      -Use post it system so your child can note the name of an activity they need help with and put post it in agreed upon place for you to look at.

     -Arrange a specific time to provide support when you are not busy working, etc. Also, Review notifications and make sure your

We are sharing our "N"etiquette below as a reminder of what is expected of students when on Zoom. Please review with students to keep our short Zoom sessions pleasant and productive opportunities for us to connect. 

We Respect Ourselves:  Be ready to share with your classmates.  That means ​that everyone can see and hear everyone else, so make sure you are sitting in a place where it is quiet enough so you can hear what others have to say and you are dressed ready for the day.  You should not be walking around your house with your device.  
We Respect Others:  Be ready to listen. If you want to talk, please raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call upon you. If everyone is talking at once it will be hard to hear.  If you have siblings or pets, please make sure they are not walking in front of the camera. Our discussions include everyone. This is not a time for one-on-one conversations.  
We Respect the Environment:  Meeting online is a new experience and we are in a new environment. ​We are also going to be in each other's "homes." It is special when people let you into their home. We are so lucky to be able to see one another. Please be mindful of what you say and how you are saying it, ​so we will be invited back. We want everyone to feel safe in this new environment.

With sincere thanks!!!





Expiration Date: 
Aug 24