Update - May 3, 2020

Hi everyone,

We posted next week's schedule in Class Dojo, but we wanted to highlight a few important things to be sure everyone saw them.

First of all, both Tuesday and Thursday' zooms are really, really, really important for your child to understand how to build their part of the city.  Please do what you can to make sure they are there.  There will be videos, as well, but the live information and opportunities to ask questions are really valuable.  

Hopefully you've already seen your child's building list in his/her google folder. It's named Building Checkoff 19-20 (dragged).  This is going to be a very useful tool to help your child stay on track, so please print it, or make a copy of it on another paper, so your child has it as a reference.  If your child has added or changed buildings, please let us know.

There are three things we really would like the students to do before the zoom meeting on Tuesday where we will teach them how to do building permits.  

One - Their parcel map should be finished, or finished except for any questions they made need to ask us on Tuesday.

Two - There is information about environmentally friendly building that we really want them to have.  This is going to be sent as a PDF with a lot of links in it, for students who want to read it themselves, and as a video where Ms. Denise reads the main information to them.  The PDF has extra links that are not read in the video, so students who get really interested after the video will need to use the PDF version to see all of the extra articles.  This is really interesting information, and, if you can, we encourage you to read/watch with your child so you can discuss it with them.

Three - Ms. Denise also did a video showing how to do a plan and section drawing that we would like them to watch before the zoom so they can see the 3 dimensional connections that we can't show with a zoom camera.  We will be showing the drawing part again, but it is really helpful to see how it connects to an actual building, and seeing the drawing twice is really helpful

The specialists are doing a special zoom share on Wednesday for the students to share projects they've done from what the specialists have sent.  The students don't have to have done one to come, but if they have something to share, they should have it ready.  We've divided them by their teams to make the groups smaller.

Friday's recess zoom is also going to be Crazy Hair Day, so we hope the students come with some crazy hair!

We hope you are all well.

Denise and Lauren


Expiration Date: 
Jul 31