Friday 5/8

Dear Parents,

    We wanted to start by thanking you for all you have done, and continue to do.  Thank you for sending us the notes and videos and pictures your kids have made for teacher appreciation, and for the thoughtful and generous gifts. And thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching your children and supporting them through this time apart, and filling in where we can’t.  We know how hard you are working and we really, truly, appreciate all that you are doing to keep Yellow Cluster kids learning and still building our city.  This city may not end up looking as polished and put together this year, but it is going to be one that we will truly treasure, as it will, more than any other city we’ve built, symbolize the way our whole community comes together.  So thank you.

    And now for some information.  On Wednesday we will be at school from 12-2 again, collecting finished papers and books from Yellow or the library that have been read. We will also be passing quite a few things out.  For anyone who needs liquid glue (glue sticks don’t work very well for covering the buildings) and / or masking tape (which often works better than clear tape), we have purchased a bunch of both of those things, and will give them to anyone who needs them.  We are also going to be cleaning out the kids’ bins, and will give you everything in the bin that belongs to them. We would also like to give everyone their child’s object costume so that they can take it home and add whatever final details might be missing.  If we have letters or any other pieces already cut out, we’ll give you those as well.

    As a part of that, if your child is planning a curved building, please let us know and we will add curvy cardboard to your child’s bag.  That’s the best material to make curved buildings out of.  (Spherical buildings need to be paper machéd with a balloon and watered down liquid glue.)  

    Also, as part of that, when we clean bins out at the end of the year, we ask the students if they would like to donate their plastic folders to a class in a school that doesn’t have the funds to purchase those folders.  Please let us know if you would like us to keep your child’s folders instead of sending them home.  You will still get the contents, we’ll just keep the actual folder.

    If you didn’t see this in Thursday’s Backpack, we are super excited at the opportunity to buy personalized, signed copies of the sequel to The One and Only Ivan, called The One and Only Bob.  If you’re interested in buying one for your child, or as a gift for someone, please use the link in Thursday’s Backpack.  This is an exclusive opportunity through Children’s Book World, and we are so grateful to them.  

    Lastly, we’re sure you have heard about security breaches in zoom calls.  We haven’t had anything happen, and are very careful with how we share zoom information and set up the calls.  As a part of that, we have a waiting room set up so that no one can just jump into our call.  We only admit people from the waiting room that have names that we recognize or know, so please make help your child understand the importance of not changing his/her user name, and if your user name is set to just the type of device, please change that to a name we recognize, as we always get a little nervous about letting those devices in.  The students’ safety is really important to us, but we also want to make sure everyone who should be in our zoom is able to get in.

     We will send out next week’s schedule on Sunday, as usual.

Denise and Lauren

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31