Week of May 11-15

Hello Indigo Families!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing and unbelievably supportive moms out there!! We hope you take today to rest and you are showered with love and affection even on this quarantined mother's day! Hint, hint to those non-mother's reading this ; ) 

Our weekly update will be fairly short as we, ourselves, will enjoy a day of rest, relaxation, and family time. Also, this week marks the week we planned to phase out weekly updates through Mailchimp as you are receiving daily communication from us through ClassDojo. You can continue to expect daily announcements and guidance for the day by 8:30AM through ClassDojo. Also, a reminder you can communicate with us through office hours each morning 8:05-9:00AM and each afternoon 1:00-1:30PM though ClassDojo messaging, as well as Zoom Parent office hours Friday 1:00-1:30PM. Student Zoom office hours by choice (or upon request of teachers) are Wednesday 1:00-1:30 and Friday 10:00-10:30. If you or your child have a specific question or just need to check in or want to just connect and say "Hi!" we are here!  

As we work through reviewing and commenting on your child's work submissions, guide them to check their Notifications through their Inbox in Seesaw. Continuing the pattern of prior weeks, be aware activities for the week of April 27-May 1 are on their way to be archived on Monday morning and will no longer be available for submission or revision. 

We hope your child is taking the time to delve into our thematic cross-curricular projects as we have tried to carry some of them into this online platform and are working hard to continue this. The planning, building, data collection, and testing of their spacecrafts has been so inspiring to observe and the photographs and videos of the experience will provide priceless memories of this time in your child's life and tell the story of your support and engagement with your children during this time of remote learning. We are so grateful for your in front of the camera and behind the scenes work!

And speaking of gratitude, we have expressed ours for all of your and your children's wonderful acknowledgements during this week of teacher appreciation. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Don't forget to submit your input form regarding your child and cluster placement planning for next year. This form was linked and posted to our Class Story through ClassDojo on Thursday. Find it here and available for your response until May 13th.

Onward to next week, find our weekly schedule here and note that we will message your child's individualized Zoom schedule to you for the rest of May and June. Zoom sessions have been and will continue to be the same on a week to week basis with perhaps an occasional exception. Also, here is the Specialist pdf for this week. We hope your child was able to attend and enjoyed the specialist Zoom meeting on this past Friday. Students are scheduled to Zoom with the specialists again on June 5th.

That's all folks! Have a great day! Stay healthy and be well! Miss you all!!


Expiration Date: 
Aug 24