Messages of Hope & Appreciation from Open School Students!

Every week, we love hearing from parents and teachers what their students are up during school closure.  We received two wonderful video messages from a couple of Greenies this week that we think you should watch!  

Kelly M. shares a hopeful message as she sings on this stop motion film she created with the help of her family.  Kelly was inspired by the Mystery Reader last week.

And continuing the appreciation we all expressed for our teachers this past week, Ella and her mom created this video to express their gratitude to the wonderful people who keep Open school going!  All of us at home share Kelly's mom's sentiment when she wrote to staff at Open that they made the video to thank everyone at Open "for all you do to make [our] kids’ school experience so so precious... we miss you so much!"

We can never say enough thank yous for the wonderful community that makes up Open School.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31