Earn Cashback and Support Open School with BAMit!

There’s a new and easy way for us to raise much-needed funds for Open School all year round, and all it takes is downloading a free app!

We have partnered with BAMit, a cash back app designed to encourage users to shop at local BAMit-affiliated stores, and simply by doing so, earning money back for both you and our school. 

Here’s how it works: Download the free app using this referral code
Simply by downloading this code will get five dollars in your BAMit wallet and in Open’s. It’s important to use the referral code in order for Open to receive that money.

There’s a wide range of businesses on the site, from Camps to Education (i.e. tutoring) to Real Estate to Restaurants to Groceries to Home Services and more. Most of the affiliated businesses are located on the west side and the South Bay, but there are plenty of online options from local vendors. The company is new but expanding its foothold across the city.

Putting it to work: The idea behind BAMit is to make it fit into your everyday life. For example, if you were intending on signing your child up for Euro Soccer USA, you can earn five percent cash back simply by using the BAMit app. Check out the app for BAMit-affiliated restaurants.

The benefit of this partnership is two-fold. Not only will you earn cash back by shopping at a BAMit-affiliated business, a percentage of what you earn — anywhere from 20% to 100% (you decide) — will funnel right back to Open School. Please note that the amount you donate can be adjusted as often as you’d like!

If 500 of us download the app, it will bring in $2500 for the school — no strings attached! Additionally, by sending this referral link to our friends and family, Open School can earn even more money that will go straight to support all our students.

If you own a local business or know of a local business that might be interested in partnering with BAMit, please contact Open School parent and our BAMit rep lauren.spielbergatgmail.com (Lauren Saunders). There are opportunities for Open to make even more money if we bring businesses onboard; and those businesses only make money when the BAMit app is used.  

Don't wait! Download BAMit today, and start earning!

Expiration Date: 
Aug 31