Monday, Sept. 7 update

Hi everyone,

Here are some highlights about what is happening in this coming week.  This isn’t a complete list of activities or assignments, though, just things we wanted to highlight.

Student Council election applications / speeches are due on Tuesday.  The election will be Thursday morning.  The application was posted in our google stream.

Reading: We’re continuing to look at stories about people’s names and thinking about various elements of the stories.  This will move into us doing research and some writing about our own names.

Writing: We’re working on writing our zoom version of This is the Teacher...  Hopefully it will turn out to be funny!  We’re also going to start looking at verbs.

Math: We will continue to work on symmetry and place value.  The second half of the class will have their turns to start computation and problem solving.  Please help your child remember to watch the symmetry video before they come to the zoom lesson with Ms. Denise on Friday.

Roots of Respect: We will be thinking about cooperation versus competition and when each of those are helpful or not helpful.

Science:  We will start to look at our immune system, starting with the ways our body keeps germs from getting in, and then starting to look at antibodies and antigens.  The students will need to do an activity with the papers that were in the bags we passed out before they come to the zoom lesson.

Social Studies: We are continuing to look at California’s regions.  Please help your child make sure to watch the assigned video before he/she comes to the zoom lesson.

Band: If your child is interested in learning to play any kind of wind instrument, the form to sign up was posted in our google classroom stream.

As we are going to do our next materials pick up on Friday, September 11 from 2-3, we won’t be having Friday Fun (we need to get to the classroom and get things ready).  If your child wants to borrow books from our library, remind him/her to fill out the request form so that we can have the books ready.  We will be passing out a math pre-assessment with directions, a small present for your kids (it’s a surprise), and possibly some other papers as well.  If your child wants any of the symmetry designs to color printed, let us know so that we can put those in the bag too.  

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to stay relatively cool!

Lauren and Denise

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31