Week 5 - Week of September 14th

September 11, 2020

Hello Outrageously AWESOME Orange Families,

Week 4 is in the books! We are enjoying your children and getting to know all of them better! They are working hard in our Zooms and participating a lot! We love hearing from all of them! 

Next up: Week 5! We got this!

New items to note:

1. Access Zoom through Schoology 

The district is requiring us to sign into Zoom via Schoology. This is for extra secure firewalls to protect against Zoom bombers & the like. We will continue to list our Zoom IDs on the schedule just in case there are any tech snafus with Schoology. (Think of those meeting IDs as a backup or a workaround.)

2. Our next pick up day is coming up:

Thursday, September 17th  from 7-8:15 am in the teacher’s parking lot

You’ll give us your orange folder & bag with:

• Who Am I? writing 

• Spelling Quiz

• 4 completed Scholastic News/Science Spins

• Finished Books

We will give you a 2nd orange bag with:

• Science supplies

• Portrait Paper

• 4 Scholastic News/Science Spin magazines

• New books

• Math supplies

If you can’t make it, we’ll leave your 2nd orange bag in the office. 

Please wear masks and tape your child’s name (written in big bold letters) to the top front windshield (passenger side - so you can still see when you drive!) of your car to make passing out easier. 

Since we get to touch base with you on Pick Up Days, we will not have parent meetings on those days. Moving forward, on Thursdays, there will be either a parent meeting or a Pick Up.

3. In this newsletter, we’ve attached:

    Week 5 - Week of September 14th Schedule

    A PDF of the math games we played today! The kids really enjoyed them.

    Parent Agenda and meeting notes (Thanks, Lauren!)

    A PDF of Ms. Pam’s virtual library for some fun read alouds!

4. Last week’s Thursday’s Backpack listed several after school enrichment opportunities. If you missed it they are: 

    Star in-person classes

    Mr. Cline’s virtual music classes

    Mr. Adkins string instrument Zooms

    Virtual Chess Tutors

    Got Game

There is a link in the Backpack to register or you can call the office. 

5. Mr. Cline, our music teacher, has created this link with music activities for students to do individually (or with their families) on the weeks that they don't have a Zoom class for music enrichment. Enjoy!


6. Friendly reminder - Student council speeches are due TODAY!

7. Attendance:

For remote learning, your child is counted present if he/she is in at least 1 Zoom and/or active on Schoology that day. Please email us & the office regarding any absences. 

8. Thank you Mira for setting up our Orange parent Facebook group! Thank you Angela for offering to help. Find the link in our weekly email or on our website.

Happy Friday everyone!


Tracey & Anne







Expiration Date: 
Jun 10