Weekly News - September 13, 2020

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to pick up materials and books on Friday.  If you weren’t able to make it, your child’s bag is sitting in the main office and you can come get it whenever you can.  Please bring the bag we gave you before, but empty, to trade for the full one so we have a bag for your child for the next pickup.

A couple of things about the stuff in the bag:

  • Computation pre-assessment: Please read the note on the front of this packet so that you know what to tell your child and how to proceed.  We are going to have a special drop off day, just for these, as we need to be able to correct them so we can get your child the work they need on the next official pick up day.  You can also bring them to the office any time before that day and ask them to please put the packet in Denise’s mailbox.  We will be there to get them from 2:00 - 3:00 on Friday, September 25th, so please have them done by then.
  • Brain Boosters - We will be gradually showing the students how to do the different puzzles in this packet, so please don’t feel like you have to teach your child any of what is in there.
  • Balance Math - we will be doing these during Problem Solving zooms starting in a couple of weeks, so they can just be put somewhere safe until we ask the students to pull them out.

Our next drop off / pick up of books and materials is going to be on Friday, October 2nd.  This last Friday we realized what a time crunch it was for us to get to school and have everything ready on time, so we’re moving the time to 2:30 - 3:30.  Please let us know if you can’t make it and we will arrange an alternative pick up or delivery by a parent volunteer.

Since we want to try and have the Scholastic Book Order books available to give everyone at that pick up, please have your orders placed by this Tuesday to give us enough time to place the order and for the order to then get to us.

Very important, please read!    Donors Choose:  As a school, we have submitted a grant to try and get individual student kits of math manipulatives.  The grant doesn’t fund what we need for the whole school, so we have made a Yellow Cluster Donors Choose project to try and get kits for our students.  That way, if we get the grant, more students in other clusters can benefit, and, if we don’t get the grant, we’ll still have our kits.  Having these kits will really add to what we are able to do with our students while we are virtual and will allow them to continue to use manipulatives when we go back to school and they can’t share materials.  On Wednesday, Donors Choose is making all projects eligible for 50% matching donations, so we will be sharing our project with you on Wednesday so that any donation you might be able to make will be worth more.  Please watch for that email and donate if you can.  If you want to share the project with friends and family, please do so as well.  This is in no way required.

Here’s some of what is coming up next week:

Reading: We are going to begin to work on how to give a summary, in preparation for upcoming assessments that will start in a week or two.  We are also going to be giving them a multiple choice reading passage assessment.  Please remember to not provide support for these assessments so that we can get an accurate picture of your child’s strengths and needs.  We will also be sharing our first Scholastic News magazine and assignment on Thursday.

Writing: We are going to revise our This is the Teacher... Story.  Please help your child make sure that he/she has written their first version of their page in the book by Tuesday.

Math: There is a place value video that the students need to watch before meeting with Ms. Lauren for math on Monday, so please help your child make sure that happens.  We’re finishing up symmetry and doing an art project on tessellations.  Some students chose to receive a rotational symmetry challenge packet.  It is totally optional and there is no due date.  They can be turned in whenever they are done at a drop off day.  There is a video that has been posted with a lesson on rotation symmetry for kids who chose to give the challenge a try. We are continuing our problem solving work by taking what we did the last two weeks one step further and students will have a choice between two follow up assignments - one that continues on the first path and one that follows the more challenging work we are going to do the next two weeks.  We are also starting our weekly problems.  They will be shared on Monday and discussed during morning meeting the next Monday.

Science: We will be continuing to learn about how our immune system creates antibodies to fight germs, but learning more about the specifics of that.  There is a lot of vocabulary to discuss.  We’re not expecting that they remember it all, but want to use the right terms for things whenever possible.  They should also be finishing up their experiment / demonstration reports.

Social Studies: We are continuing to look at California regions and learning about what they are like.

Violin:  Mr. Adkins gave us videos to show everyone and a form to fill out if anyone is interested in learning violin this year. The form has been posted in our google stream.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31