Everyday Counts: Attendance is Key

Dear Open School Families,

I am excited to report that 95.7 % of our students have been categorized as being ADVANCED in the area of attendance. Which means all of these students have been present for remote learning at least 24 of the first 25 days of school. That is spectacular! We are aiming for 100% of our students to reach this goal (absent no more than one day)  for the next 25 day period. Everyone can do it!

For remote learning purposes, your child is counted present if he/she is in at least one Zoom and/or active on Schoology that day. However, we are striving to have full participation from all of our students to optimize their learning.

Also, by law, LAUSD requires a written or verbal explanation from a parent/guardian when a student is absent for part or all of a school day.  Please be aware that if notification is not received within 4 school days of the absence, it will be recorded as unexcused and may lead to your child being classified as truant.  You may notify the school of the reason for your child's absence in any of the following ways:

  • Send an email explaining the absence to your cluster teacher.
  • Send an attendanceatopencharter.org (email )directly to the front office.
  • Send a message using the side bar button on our Home Page marked "Child Attendance" for your convenience.

Thank you for helping us keep our records accurate.

In Partnership,


Expiration Date: 
Dec 31