Weekly Update - Nov. 29, 2020

Just a reminder about our schedule changes, for Monday, and for Thursdays starting this week.

On Monday, Nov. 30th, the day we go back to school, we will be having a long-awaited author visit from Katherine Applegate.  The visit will be at 11:30, and will be on the Monday Morning Assembly zoom.  You can purchase autographed and personalized books with this link from Children’s Book World, which is who most of our author visits come from. They are offering more than just The One and Only Ivan and The One and Only Bob, so please check it out.  We can highly recommend Wishtree and have heard from many students that Crenshaw is also wonderful.  


As we do have this author visit during a couple of our normal math zooms, on Monday, this is what our schedule will be:

9:00:   Whole School Assembly

9:20 or when the assembly ends:   Morning Meeting

10:00 - 10:30:  Red and Orange - Math with Ms. Lauren

                         Blue and Green - Math with Ms. Denise

10:30 - 11:00:  Red and Orange - Math with Ms. Denise 

                         Blue and Green -  Math with Ms. Lauren

11:30 - 12:15:   Author visit  (assembly zoom)

The revised schedule that shows our new Thursdays (at least for December) is linked here.  It is also in the resources section of google classroom and will be posted in the stream as well.  

Our next pickup / drop off will be on Friday, Dec. 11th.  Due to the new COVID restrictions, we are going to make this as contactless and as distanced of a pickup as possible.  We are going to require everyone to stay in their cars, please, and we will do the bag handoff through the window, or, if you want, you can have the bag you are turning in already in your trunk, and we will trade bags when you remotely open your trunk.  For books, please encourage your child to make requests via the book request form so that we can have books already in his/her bag.  

If you want to order books, here are the links for the flyers for our next order.  They won’t arrive in time for the holidays, though, so if you want them before January, we recommend having them sent to your house.  Shipping is free if you spend at least $25, or $6.50 otherwise.  We are happy to also have books sent as a part of the classroom order and we will give them to you at the first pickup in 2021.  For those orders, please have them placed by Monday, December 14th.  You can also find other books on the site and add them to your order.




Here’s some of what is coming up next week:

Reading:  We are building our inference skills, starting with pictures.  We will look really closely at images and wordless picture books, trying to making accurate inferences based on what we see.  We will also be talking about how art can be used to symbolically represent ideas.

Writing:  We will be working on a holiday project this week.

Math:  We will be learning about how to name triangles and continuing to work on rounding numbers. Students should be doing a couple of pages of skillsheets each week as well.  Time spent working in DreamBox is also helpful.  Students should have the following packets finished for the Dec. 11th pick up: 4th grade - Naming Quadrilaterals, Types of Polygons, Identifying Types of Triangles 3rd grade - Naming Quadrilaterals, Naming Shapes.  And everyone should have another packet or two of skillsheets to turn in.

Science: We will move from making a square stable to using what we learned there to make a cube stable.

Social Studies:  This week we will begin our unit on Native Americans.  For the next three weeks we will be looking at Native American communities now and then in January we will begin to focus in on how Native Americans lived in the past.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30