Weekly Update - April 25, 2021

Bear with us, as we all get adjusted to our new schedule and routines, we have quite a bit of information to share.

Mondays:  Remember that Mondays are shorter than the rest of the week.  So Monday’s AM cohorts still arrive at 8:15, but get picked up at 10:45.  The PM cohorts then arrive at 11:45 and get picked up at 2:15.  

For all drop offs and pickups, please be on time and fully stop and park your car, without blocking any driveways, so that we don’t inconvenience anyone.  As we have to be out of our classrooms while they clean them in between cohorts, and need to have enough time to grab our lunch and anything else we need, if you’re not at the AM pickup by 5 minutes after the time, we will bring your child to the office to be picked up there.  

Assignments and scheduling: We are still using Google Classroom as our hub for assignments, so please remind your child to continue to look at their to do and missing lists for work that needs to be done during their asynchronous time at home.  We’re relying on our !! Symbol to tell them that something needs to be done by the due date.  For many things, that is so that they are prepared for what will be happening in a zoom or in the classroom, so it is especially important that they get those done on time.  Watching the lesson videos before they come to class is also important because some students have had issues with the videos not playing at school.  Please help your child stay on top of the assignments with the !! Mark.  As before, we are fairly flexible about the due dates for other assignments.

Please also be sure your child knows, or has written down, his / her district email and password, as we have had students unable to access their assignments at school because they don’t know their email or password.  This is especially true for students who are using a different device than they had been using because the passwords aren’t saved on their new devices.  So far, most of our students are doing a great job of having charged iPads with them.  For the students who are at Beyond the Bell, it’s also really important that they have their charging cable every day so that they can plug in their iPads as needed.

For our zoomies (the students remaining virtual): We have quite a few materials we want to give you for your child’s work next week.  Some they will need on Thursday and some on Friday, and we’re also trying to work ahead to give you some pages for the week after.  Materials will be available to pick up in the office after 11 on Tuesday.  Please come and get them by noon on Thursday.  For our City Building lesson on Thursday, they will also need things they can use to stand in for walls.  In class, we’re using blocks.  MagnaTiles, thin wooden blocks, toothpicks, pencils or pens or markers or crayons, anything like that will work, so please have those ready for them on Thursday.

Also please help your child remember that we are now doing two read alouds, so during the time they are not with us, we’re hoping they will zoom in to hear the story.  If they miss it, recordings will be posted each day and we would like them to be sure to listen to the recording before the story time the next day.  Monday read alouds are at 8:25 and 11:55.  Tuesday - Friday read alouds are at 8:25 and 12:15.

Book orders:  Scholastic book orders are due by April 28th.  There are a lot of great books available this month, including the sequel to Dragons in a Bag (which ends on a cliff hanger, so we know the students will want to read the second one), the new Wings of Fire book, and other books we know our students want to read.  Here are the links.

Set one  

Set two 

We greatly enjoyed our visit with Meg Medina and hope students are inspired to read her books.  Here’s the link to order signed copies.  Orders are due April 28th.  If you order these, or ordered Jon Klassen books, with delivery to the school, Denise will be picking them up from Children’s Book World next weekend.


Coming up Next Week:

Reading:  We are down to our Final Four in our March Book Madness.  Students will be re-watching these four books and recording, with text evidence, why each book is a good book.  We will be using these thoughts and books to teach how to write an opinion paragraph, stating your opinion about which book is better and providing evidence from the text to support your opinion.  

Writing:  We will be making our art plans for our stories so that we can get everyone the paper they need to do the art that will go along with their story, or that will turn their story into a graphic novel. Starting next week, most of the work to actually create the art and combine it with the story will be happening as independent work at home.

Math:  We are working on comparing fractions, using a variety of methods.  Third graders are developing the concept of division and practicing division facts.  Fourth graders are working on division facts with remainders and story problems.  In measurement, students are working on using rulers for linear measurement and doing an area / perimeter pre-assessment during their at home work times.

Social Studies:  We’re continuing to learn about the Gold Rush.  Our afternoon read aloud is historical fiction set in California during the Gold Rush, which is adding to our knowledge of the time period.  The book we’re reading is called The Ballad of Lucy Whipple. 

City Building:  This week we will map out our parcels.   (Zoomie parents, we will be emailing you with the size that we need you to cut that big piece of graph paper we gave out to.  Students will need that on Wednesday.)  We will also learn about building permits, practice drawing a plan drawing, and then learn how to do Yellow Cluster building permits.  We encourage students to get building permits done at home.  Students with at least one completed permit by Wednesday or Thursday, May 5 or 6 (we’re not sure which day yet) will be able to start building.  We will be doing our first building lesson on one of those two days.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 30