An Update on our Covid-19 Testing Today- 4/27/21

Hi Open School Families,

Today was a great day! Our second week is off to a solid start. We had the Covid-19 testing unit at Open School today. Due to an unexpected late start, time constraints, and a new process for all of us, the testing unit were not able to get all of the students tested.

Just so you are aware the following cohorts were tested:

  • Orange AM Cohorts
  • Yellow AM Cohorts
  • Red AM Cohorts
  • Green PM Cohort
  • Red PM Cohort
  • Silver PM Cohort
  • Indigo PM Cohort
  • Orange PM Cohort
  • Yellow PM Cohort
  • Blue PM Cohort
  • Purple PM Cohort
  • Some students were tested at STAR in the PM
  • All staff was tested during lunch or after school 

We are hoping that the testing unit will come back to Open this week to finish the remaining cohorts, however, we are unsure if that will happen. As I get more information, I will share it immediately. If you have already done the first baseline test, there is no requirement to go get your child tested off campus. It will happen on campus and we will let you know when.

Please note, most children in these cohorts listed above were tested if they had a consent form on file with LAUSD. If you do not have a consent form on file, and even if you emailed a form to us recently, your child was not tested. We will reach out soon to families that need to provide consent. We are still gaining clarification from LAUSD as to what families have to do to give authorization for their child to be tested. Stay tuned. 

Please be assured that your children will still be able to come to school if the tests have not been given. Please continue to monitor their health and use the Daily Pass. 

Please read the message below from 4/26 that came from Superintendent Beutner which might give a greater understanding if your child was not tested today:

This message is from the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Office of COVID Response.  With the start of in-person learning, there have been many questions about mobile testing at your child’s school and the need to have a negative test to continue learning in-person.  On Monday, Superintendent Beutner shared that our goal is regular, weekly tests but on a few occasions it might be 8 or even 14 days between. We’ll still be operating the most comprehensive system in the nation to keep COVID out of schools.  There will be a mobile testing team assigned to your child’s school to ensure they get tested within the recommended timeline. 

In partnership,


Expiration Date: 
May 7