Weekly Update - May 2, 2021

Schedule Info:

Mondays:  Remember that Mondays are shorter than the rest of the week.  So Monday’s AM cohorts still arrive at 8:15, but get picked up at 10:45.  The PM cohorts then arrive at 11:45 and get picked up at 2:15.  

Read Alouds: During the time the students are not with us, we’re hoping they will zoom in to hear the book we’re reading (it’s a different book in the morning and the afternoon).  On Wednesday we will be moving the afternoon read aloud (The Ballad of Lucy Whipple) to the morning, so if your child hasn’t kept up with that book, they will want to catch up by Monday morning. Recordings are posted each day on a padlet.  Monday read alouds are at 8:25 and 11:55.  Tuesday - Friday read alouds are at 8:25 and 12:15.

Specialists: On Wednesdays, the students see our art, music, library, and garden specialists, two each week.  They zoom in to these activities wherever they are - at school or at home, once at 9:00 and once at 1:00. So students in school in the morning, and students at home join the 9:00 zoom, and students at school in the afternoon and students at home join the 1:00 zoom.  Which activities they have rotates each week.  Last week was a week A, so students in Denise’s cohorts went to art and library and those in Lauren’s went to garden and music.  This will be a week B, so we will switch and Denise’s cohorts will go to garden and music and Lauren’s cohorts will go to art and library.  Just as before, art and library will always be on the Ms. Denise zoom and garden and music will be on the Ms. Lauren zoom.  

Coach:  First of all, we are so sorry that we messed up the Coach times last week.  We forgot to remind everyone and then, trying to get the information out, Denise read the schedule too quickly and sent out the wrong information.  Students will be alternating going to coach each week and will always go during the time that they are at home.  On week A, students who are in-person in the afternoon and those who are completely virtual, go to coach from 10:20 - 10:50.  On Week B, students who are in person in the mornings, go to coach at 2:20.  Yes, it is confusing, and we will do a better job communicating who does what when each week.

Help Needed:  If you are a crafty person, or even a semi-crafty person, or someone who can watch a video and follow along with how to cut and glue things, we need you to help us make trees for our city!  We can’t use the trees we normally use, so we need to make at least 500 trees for this year’s city.  Isis has figured out a couple of different tree styles and now we’re looking for volunteers to help make them.  Tree kits are available in sets of 30 trees.  Please let us know if you can help and we will send home the materials and a link to the how-to video.

Cluster information for next year:  Last week Ms. Cass sent out the survey for you to share your thinking about your child’s cluster for next year.  Please be sure to fill it out by Friday, May 7th.

Coming up Next Week:

Reading:  We will be writing our first paragraph stating and supporting our opinion about the best book in the second final four match up.  

Writing:  Along with the opinion writing paragraph, we will be working on sending home the papers needed for the drawings that go with our stories.  Many students who are making graphic novels haven’t completed their selection of which styles of pages they need, so please check with your child and, if he/she hasn’t done that form yet, please have him/her do it as soon as possible.

Math:  We’re continuing our work with fractions and division and beginning area and perimeter as a part of measurement.  Please remind your child that math work is something that should be worked on every day during their asynchronous work time, not just while they are with their teachers at school.

Social Studies:  We’re continuing to learn about the Gold Rush.  Our afternoon read aloud is historical fiction set in California during the Gold Rush, which is adding to our knowledge of the time period.  The book we’re reading is called The Ballad of Lucy Whipple. 

City Building:  Last week we taught how to complete two parts of our building permits - the plan drawing and the futuristic element pages.  We have kick started our Yellow Cluster economy by offering a financial incentive for completing these parts of the permits by Wednesday.  Students who complete half of their plan drawings will receive $20 in Yellow Cluster dollars, and $40 if they are all finished.  This is true for the futuristic elements part as well - $20 for half of them done by Wednesday and $40 for all of them.  We will have electronic checkbooks and the money will be used to purchase paper and other materials to use on their buildings.  All students will be given money to start off their accounts, so they don’t have to meet this challenge to have money to spend, but we’re hoping it will serve as an incentive to get the work done in a timely fashion.  Next week we will teach how to do the section drawing and environmental elements and we’re hoping to be building by Thursday or Friday.  If you have boxes to send in, you can start sending them on Thursday.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 30