A Decision about the Play Structure

Open School works as a very collaborative team, and our Reimagine Team has worked tirelessly over this past year to chart a path for our virtual learning program, as well as our current hybrid program. As a team of teachers, parents and aides that meets weekly, we were tasked with figuring out if opening the play structures at Open School would be feasible this school year. As a collective team, we decided the following:

  • Safety and cleanliness are our top priorities as we navigate reopening Open School 
  • The play structure on the Green Cluster yard will be open for one Green Cluster cohort per day
  • The play structure on the main yard will not be reopened this school year

Although we are just as excited for our kids to get back to play with some sense of normalcy, we do not have the personnel needed to clean and sanitize the play structure between every cohort of children that uses it. Our terrific, two-person, daytime custodial crew is busy sanitizing bathrooms hourly, lunch areas frequently and classrooms between cohorts. 

We also would need more yard supervisors to make sure that play was happening on the apparatus in the safest way possible, which at this time we do not have. At this time we cannot open the play structure on the main yard in a safe way. Therefore, we will not do so. All children may still play other games during play time or hang out with their friends. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate this difficult decision. 

In partnership,


Expiration Date: 
May 27