How to Stay Informed: MailChimp, Yahoo Group, Website

Over the last couple of years, our Communication Committee has been steadily working to improve home-school communication.  We have three ways of keeping you informed:

  • Our Website is continuously being improved with help from two parents (Mark Fischer and Brian Koester).  The home page shows the latest updates on the right side, and you can view our realtime newsletter (an up-to-the minute version of Thursday's Backpack) any time, using the button on the right side of the home page.  All articles are available on the website before they are sent by email.
  • MailChimp delivers Thursday's Backpack and all high-priority messages that need to reach the entire school community.  Some clusters and several committees use MailChimp for regular communication as well.  You can learn more about how we use MailChimp emails on our web site.
  • Our Yahoo Group serves as a community bulletin board where items of interest to the to Open School community can be posted.  Unlike MailChimp, which is a one-way system, the Yahoo Group is great for discussions.  We also use it to post last minute reminders and calls for help.  To join the Yahoo group, click the Yahoo button on the right side of the website home page or on the left side of any MailChimp mail.  Our group is moderated by Joslyn Treece, a Governing Council Parent Representative.